2019 Marriage & Family Conference

with Dr. and Mrs. Jim Newheiser

This FREE Marriage and Family Conference at Trinity will be an experience in biblical truth and practical theology that is life-changing. The conference is designed to address the complicated elements of family relationships in crisis, as well as learning the critical biblical truths about marriage and family that will promote unity and peace in the family as God promises. Our speaker, Dr. Jim Newheiser, is a certified biblical counselor with over 30 years of experience in counseling and teaching from the Scriptures. He is an expert in the biblical languages and he has a profound way of infusing the technical aspects of Scripture with the practical application of life.  He will specifically address biblical principles of marriage, parenting, and teen relationships.

Friday & Saturday September 20-21

Trinity Baptist Church

5895 Bert Kouns

Shreveport, Louisiana

Click HERE for Session Outlines

Click HERE for Session Outlines (to print in booklet form)

Pain of Porn Handouts (Sexual Purity Covenant , Business Travel Plan for Avoiding Sexual Temptation, Personalized List of Anticipated Consequences of Immorality) 



   6pm- Check in

   6.30- Welcome

   6.45- Session One: The Foundations of Marriage

   8pm- Session Two: Keys to Preserving & Strengthening Your Marriage


   12.45pm- Welcome

   12.55pm- Session Three: Gender & Sexual Identity and the Bible

   2.15pm- Session Four: When Good Kids Make Bad Choices

   3.30pm- Session Five: You Never Stop Being a Parent

   4.45pm- Session Six: Q& A with Dr. and Mrs. Newheiser

   6pm- Dinner & Fellowship

   7pm- Session Seven: Breakout Sessions

                 Men: The Pain of Pornography with Dr. Newheiser

                 Women: Grace, Sex, and Marriage with Mrs. Newheiser

Nursery staff will be available for children under 7. Please register children in advance.