There are a variety of gifts among the members of Trinity and we encourage everyone to use those gifts. 

These are only some of the people who help support the pastor-elders in the work they are doing by organizing, delegating, providing insight, and offering ideas and suggestions. They are a good representation of our church body and a welcome sounding board for the needs of the Trinity family. 

Deacons are chosen by the congregation to help lead and support the Trinity family under the oversight of the elders. Some may be good at pastoral care, some good at welcoming new people to the church, some good at helping the “least of these.” Each gift that is brought to the table is important and is used in order to lift up and call out the gifts of others in the congregation. 

  • philip chandler, pastor-elder/counselor

    Philip Chandler, along with his wife Debbie, are certified in biblical counselling through The Institute of Nouthetic Counseling, Greenville SC. They have been blessed to serve God's people at Trinity for eighteen years and they manage the many business aspects of Trinity's body-life and ministry. Philip and Debbie have been married since 1973. They have three children: Christy and her husband Michael Grayson, Ryan and his wife Amanda, and Scott and his wife Lindsey. Philip and Debbie have six Grandchildren: Samuel, Carsten, Evelyn, Elijah, Aden, and Ava Grace. Philip is retired from the paper distribution business where he worked for over 40 years.  

  • Paul Flowers, Pastor-Elder/Music

  • Chris hough, pastor-elder

    Chris Hough is the founding pastor of Trinity Baptist Church. He graduated from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary in 1995 with a M.Div. (with a concentration in pastoral ministry). In 1990, Chris married his lovely wife, Kayla. God has blessed them with six children: Hannah and her husband Michael, Jessa, Hayden, now in the presence of the Lord, Caleb, Camille, and Joshua.

  • DERRICK BOLDEN, Deacon/Open gyM

  • michael deutsch, deacon

  • joe hansen, deacon

  • richard hausgen, deacon

  • Barry LeBlanc, deacon

  • Lee STEINER, Deacon/College & Career Director

  • Lacey Wallace, deacon

  • Christopher White, Deacon/Chief Technology Officer

  • doug white, deacon

  • debbie chandler, counselor/financial secretary

  • Lillian Deutsch, facility coordinator

  • Greg hough, Chief systems Engineer

  • JESSA HOUGH, preschool/nursery director

  • Tina Moser Administrative Support

  • Shellye White, kitchen Teams Coordinator/Handbells